Timoi is a California based Conceptual Pop Art Artist, women rights and mental health advocate born in Guatemala in 1980 and raised in Los Angeles since 1990. Her journey into the art world began at the early age of six. Her fascination with graffiti art began in 1995.

The diversity of Los Angeles allowed Timoi to explore many cultures and to meet other like minded artists. The name Timoi was born in 1999 out of the acronym Trapped In My Own Imagination. Before the name Timoi, she was known as Calo. She is best known for her motley and memorable characters. Many have attempted to emulate the style of her work; yet her characters, in the dreamy Killer Calo Series, recognize the artist’s underlying themes. The artist’s work enlightens & entertains. Furthermore, it explores the spiritual aspects of finding out who the Greats are and where they come from. Timoi’s storytelling mediums ignite the minds of viewers, from all walks of life, to see something beyond themselves and to have a unique conceptual art experience.

The Killer Calo Series & Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great®

The story is about an eight year old with the spirit of an ancient entity that comes from Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great. Calo (Timoi’s first graffiti pseudonym) is her name and she is from Ethenz, a writer and a visual artist.
The galaxy is light years away and composed of three planets, a sun and a moon. Planet Ethenz is the planet of hermaphrodites/Intersex/Binary/Non Binary/Gender Fluid , Euphoniouz is the planet of men and Oaziz is the planet of women. These beings are made of light, are known as huemans and have special powers and abilities; they are loving, passionate and fierce. The series depicts the life of these creative beings which include visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, architects and all amazing creative beings with super talents.

Zovereignty is the galaxy of all creators and innovators. Some come to earth in human form for many reasons and one is simply to share their talents with us. Every chosen Hueman goes through a rebirth over and over again, experiencing an infinite process of evolution. When their soul matures, all matter becomes pure light, at that moment, Huemans become immortal. The galaxy is composed of a triangle with a sun and a moon and day and night are one. The greatest artists and beings come from this galaxy. They come to earth to share their talents with us because some of them were once like we, and we will one day be like them. An infinite process of past and future, where the past meets the future and time ceases at the full circle.

For Timoi, the personal and political facets drive her art and creative processes. Timoi enjoys the feminine spirit and tries to convey in this series the difference between femininity, masculinity and gender.

In this series, Timoi works exclusively with people, artists and brands she believes in. Some of the characters Timoi paints are real people and some are imaginary. Timoi is constantly scouting for extraordinary talent to collaborate with. It has been this mentality and vision that has led Timoi to create a conceptual art experience and to meet amazing people from all walks of life.

The series was created for simplicity and to relay a message that could be understood through the eyes of a child and appreciated by the wise. Full of aesthetics, metaphors, Metamorphosis, Analogies, symbolism, the personal and the political; and a lot of fearless love, compassion and courage.

Artist Statement

A juxtaposition of realism, surrealism, conceptual, expressionistic, science fiction and pop art that stems from my imagination. It composes an art experience that is broken down into various personalities within me. With roots in graffiti and street art, I am a multi faceted artist whose niche falls under those who believe must be from another universe.

Born: 1980 Guatemala, Guatemala

Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Trapped In My Own Imagination” Leimin Space China Town, Los Angeles, CA

2013 “Secret” Heart of Art Gallery LA, Los Angeles, CA
2012 “Entidad” Kilometro Cero Galeria, Palacio Nacional de la Cultura Guatemala, Guatemala
2009 “’Oaziz” Casita Del Pueblo Whittier, CA

Featured Exhibitions

2013 “Do you hear what I hear?” Space 23, Los Angeles, CA
2011- “Mural Remix” Sandra De La Loza Mural Project Pacific Standard Time Autry Museum & LACMA Los Angeles, CA
2009- “The Wall Project” Fall of Berlin Wall Memorial, LACMA/Wende Museum Los Angeles, CA
2007- “WITHIN II, The Urban Woman Experience”, (Curator) Crash Mansion LA Gallery Los Angeles, CA; “Femicide”, Sol Art Gallery Santa Ana, CA
2006- “De El Corazon”, Blue Chips Gallery Highland Park, CA
2005- “WITHIN”, (Curator) El Róyale Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017- “Never Turn Away A Woman” Leimin Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016- “Amber Rose SlutWalk” Pershing Square DTLA, Los Angeles, CA
2014- “Queens of LA” Evaporate LA, Los Angeles, CA
2013- “Creatures of the night” Heart of Art Gallery LA Los Angeles, CA
2012- “Day of the Dead” Grand Park City Hall Los Angeles, CA
2011- “World of Cartoon” Howeeduzzit Gallery Alhambra, CA
2010- “Murals of the world” LAMC Culver City, CA;
2009- “The Black Art Show”, D-Structure Gallery & Boutique San Francisco, CA
2008- “The Personal is Political and the Political is Personal”, Lindhurst Gallery USC Los Angeles, CA
2008- “Music”, Sony Pictures Television Culver City, CA
2007- “Open Call”, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Hollywood, CA
2006- “Sapphic Threads”, L.A Gay & Lesbian Center Hollywood, CA
2005- “LA Art Fest”, Julie Rico Los Angeles Art District Los Angeles, CA
2005- “Good Girls Gone Bad”, Moksha Gallery Seattle, WA
2004- “Photographs from the Sea”, T. Heritage Gallery Santa Monica, CA
2003- “Red Rocket”, T. Heritage Gallery Santa Monica, CA
2002- “Come Un-paused”, ICU Art Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Teaching Experience/ Art Workshops/ Panels & Presentations

2010- Youth & Justice Center (Artist Residency)
2008-2010-Room 13 LA (Artist residency)
2007-2008 Woodcraft Rangers (Traveling Street Art Specialist).
Other workshops, panels and presentations have included Claremont Colleges/Rare Diamonds, USC/NAI program, Cal State Northridge, Cal State LA, LACC, LMU, Palacio Nacional Guatemala, Tilde Boutique Guatemala, Cal State San Luis Obispo and many others.


Drawing, Sketching, Painting (Oil Painting, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Aerosol), Mural Painting, Illustration, Teaching, Poetry, Organizing, Curating art shows.
Computer: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, Internet, WordPress.


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2013- Latin Heat http://www.latinheat.com/events/graffiti-artist-timoi-holiday-pop-up-gallery/
2012- HOY no es Miercoles Guatemala 1850.tv
2011- LA Graffiti Girls http://lagraffitigirls-blog.tumblr.com/post/5675896549/timoi
2011- Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=TIMOI
2011- Senses Lost http://senseslost.com/2011/05/11/timoi-graffiti-interview/
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2010- KCET KICK IT UP Global Girl Media https://www.kcet.org/kick-it-up-la/timoi-muralist-profile
2010- East of East LA http://eastofeastla.blogspot.com/2011/04/graffiti-artist-timoi-meets-claremont.html
2008- “Graffiti Planet”, Graffiti book by Alain Ket

Featured Clients and Collectors

Kavous pirouzi -Pahlavan, James F. McGovern, Self Help Graphics, Yolanda Garcia-Casita Del Pueblo, Bill Farroux, Nandy and Gabriel Rangel, Misael De Leon, Edward De Leon, JB Wagoner, Wende Museum, Ana Pinon, Erika Lopez, Zoe Aguirre, Lucia Munoz, Victor Viesca, Cirenia Ramirez, Paola Morales, Nakia Porter, Bret Lieberman, Gorge Mejia, Jessica Gonzales, Federico Hamelius, Sandra de La Loza, Terry Hollinger, Bonnie Quinonez, Dorit Leavitt, Lora Bartlett, Room 13, N-Vision, Heart of Art Gallery, Vans, Graff Tours NYC, Eddie Brady, USC, USC/NAI, Sony Music, Elizabeth Morin/ LA Cultural Affairs, Fatima Kraus, City of Los Angeles, City of Beverly Hills, Yes I Can, Claremont Colleges/Rare Diamonds, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and The National Palace Guatemala.

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