Welcome bb's! Let us tell you about the Cotton Candy Dreams Collection!


You have come to the right place if you love art, fashion and everything cute with a splash of FIERCE! We will be releasing collections that we are certain you will love. Our first is, the "Cotton Candy Dreams Collection". An artist's collection sure to win your heart. We will be releasing products from this collection throughout the year. Life is a carnival and Cotton Candy is the heart of the carnival, our Cotton Candy Dreams Collection is to give you that feeling of being at the carnival having fun with cotton candy in your hands. Cotton Candy can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or race or gender or anything else! Enjoy the collection bb's! We worked really hard to bring you the best we have to offer.

Our launch date, March 7th is to commemorate International Woman's Day March 8th. This date is dear to Timoi's heart as she has always advocated for the eradication of violence against women. Finally being able to officially launch the brand, Timoi feels an accomplishment she finally achieved. It was countless hours of trying to get it right despite her challenges, creating the art for the collection and building the perfect website. As a non binary person and as a woman, Timoi felt March 8th was the perfect date to launch the brand and new online store. It's a date to celebrate femininity and its accomplishments.

Timoi and her sister Maritza Valdez joined forces in 2020 to create the brand. Together they worked really hard to bring the brand to fruition. Timoi is the CEO and Creative Director and Maritza Valdez is the CFO. Maritza Valdez was patient until Timoi was ready as she had been ready to invest in the brand, however Timoi was still dealing with healing from her Trauma. Yet, finally the brand is here. We hope you find JOY in our collectibles.

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