Calo & Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great™




Calo & Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great™ formerly known as The Killer Calo Series, was born out of a literal dream Timoi had one night in 2003. The story weaves a tale of wonder, centered around an eight-year-old harboring the spirit of an ancient entity that comes from Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great. This enigmatic child goes by the name of Calo and hails from the captivating planet of Ethenz. Functioning as both a writer and visual artist, Calo identifies themselves with the pronoun "They."


Journeying across light-years, this mesmerizing narrative unfolds within a galaxy comprised of three planets, a resplendent sun, and a mystical moon. Planet Ethenz serves as the cherished abode of intersex, non-binary, and gender-fluid beings, while Euphoniouz teems with the vibrant energy of cisgender men, and Oaziz flourishes as a realm inhabited by beautiful cisgender women. These celestial beings, known as "huemans," exude brilliance, wielding extraordinary powers and abilities. United by love, passion, and an indomitable spirit, they coexist harmoniously, encompassing a diverse array of artists, musicians, actors, dancers, architects, and all manner of creative souls and beautiful beings blessed with awe-inspiring talents.


Zovereignty epitomizes the celestial haven of creators and innovators, a realm where some entities descend to Earth, assuming human form to share their gifts with humanity. The story goes that each chosen human embarks on a profound journey of rebirth, perpetually evolving within an infinite cycle. As their souls mature, matter transmutes into radiant light, heralding the transformative moment when they transcend mortality and become immortal Huemans. The galaxy's triangular configuration, accompanied by a radiant sun and an ethereal moon, seamlessly blends day and night into a single cosmic tapestry. From this extraordinary galaxy, the most brilliant artists and beings descend to Earth, driven by a shared purpose: to inspire and illuminate humanity through their boundless talents. In their creations, past and future intertwine, forging an eternal cycle where time converges upon itself.


Within the realms of TIMOI, the artist's personal experiences intertwine with political undercurrents, fueling a creative process that encompasses both. Through this evocative series, TIMOI strives to explore the multifaceted dimensions of femininity, masculinity, and gender.


Within the series, TIMOI forges exclusive collaborations with individuals, artists, and brands that resonate with their vision and beliefs. Some of the characters depicted by TIMOI are real people, while others emerge from the depths of imagination. Constantly on the lookout for extraordinary talent and beautiful souls, TIMOI's mentality and vision have led them to create a conceptual art experience, inviting remarkable individuals from all walks of life into their creative realm.


In this extraordinary story, the essence of TIMOI and the captivating tale of Calo & Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great™ intertwine, leaving an everlasting mark upon our souls. It invites us to delve into the depths of our own imagination, where trust and liberation flourish. From the sun-kissed streets of Los Angeles to the enchanting landscapes of Riverside, California, the TIMOI brand finds its roots, borne from the visionary mind of artist Susana De Leon. With each brushstroke and stroke of creativity, TIMOI emerges as an advocate for mental health and a champion of social issues, seamlessly blending the personal and the political. Guided by the indomitable spirit of Susana, alongside the unwavering support of her sister Maritza Valdez and her husband Alfonso Valdez, TIMOI becomes a beacon of artistic expression, beckoning us to embrace our true selves and celebrate the kaleidoscope of human existence. With profound simplicity, this series speaks to the wise and the innocent alike, kindling a fire within us—a fire fueled by creativity, symbolism, metaphors, and unwavering courage. As we journey through these paragraphs, we are reminded that art has the power to transcend time, to bridge realms, and to ignite the spark of inspiration within each of us. May we carry the fearless love, boundless compassion, and unwavering courage of TIMOI in our hearts, as we continue our own creative odysseys, forever connected to the infinite tapestry of the human experience.