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Timoi, artistic products and gift shop by a non-binary artist, unifies all with their kawaii art products.

Susana De Leon’s artistic talents have been recognized far and wide. The eccentric elements, their imaginative depictions and the fragments of reality in each piece, further goes on to prove how innovative they are. Timoi began painting characters all over Los Angeles, and in 2003 they had a literal dream with a cute big bright-eyed character that basically told them their story and that Timoi had to paint them and grow with it. So Timoi created and named the character Calo. Calo is one of Timoi’s first graffiti names.

Timoi had bigger and bigger ideas for their art and wanted to create a brand that would inspire humanity. So, Maritza and Alfonso decided to invest in the brand and officially established the brand in January 2021 with an LLC and trademark. Timoi is the Creative Director of the brand, Maritza is the CFO, and Alfonso – the CEO. Timoi is an admired female graffiti artist and many young artists really look up to them. They are also a huge mental health advocate and has conducted mental health workshops in the metaverse/NFT space for Cool Kidz NFTs. Being a non-binary person who uses all pronouns She/He/They, Timoi’s dream is to grow as big or bigger than Hello Kitty and inspire humanity while at it. Dreams do come true.