Happy New Year BBS!

Wow! 2022 already. Seems crazy just yesterday felt like 2019. I hope everyone has been well throughout this pandemic. My condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one and had other loses due to this virus. Hopefully this will be over soon and we can begin anew.

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about our products. For a long time I held myself back from starting a brand because of the waste the fashion industry creates on this earth. I didn't want to be just another brand adding to the contamination and destruction of our home planet earth. With that in mind, we are very pleased to announce we have found manufacturers willing to work with us and only create products as people order them. Not only that but they also mail out our products directly to the costumer and by doing so cutting our footprint. Unfortunately not all products can be made to order but a substantial amount are and we are very happy about that. When you get your order, you are getting a freshly made item and not one that has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Being able to do this lifted a heavy weight off my back. I feel better now about bringing you my art at prices you can afford and giving you the opportunity to collect my art. Having this opportunity also alloys me to direct my money toward marketing and rewarding my customers for their business.

As a result, some items can cost more but cutting down on the contamination of this earth is priceless and one I feel proud about. Every item is top quality and made with my 100% authentic art works. Most items are made in the USA but some fabrics can be sourced from Mexico, Honduras, Thailand or other countries. We also have a manufacturer in the UK. No matter where the items come from, they are top of the line.


Starting this business took all my life savings and full time dedication. Sometimes working over time. Despite struggling with my mental health, I strive to bring my collectors the best of me.

In march it's going to be one year since officially launching the brand as an LLC even though I have been an artist my entire life. My sister, brother in law and me are really excited about the future and we will continue to work toward more sustainable ways to bring you awesome collectibles.

I also want you to know I will soon publish a small coffee table book about the story of my characters.


Thank you so much for making time to read this and I hope you are happy too on how we are going about our business.