Venice Beach Wall Sponsored by you!

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Venice Beach Wall Sponsored by you!

My first street art piece created with donations from my collectors! Thank you so much bb's! Zoe Yinks and me painted this Monday night all through the night until around 4:30 am. It was so much fun. Thank you Ale Loks for inviting me to paint your neighborhood!


Here are the donors:

Nora Morris, Crystal Parra, Edwin De Leon, Jennie Rojas, Falana Henson, Ale Loks, Emma B Martinez, Emma Mendez, Esperanza Mera, Gregory Valdez, Abigail Rodriguez, Ida Dagdagan, Paola Aquino, Vallarie Ruelas, Ranessa Villalba, Jonel Daphnis, Valeria Ponce de leon, Lori Escalera, Coral Price, Jennie Rojas, Ricky B Ramirez!


This is everyone who donated thus far. Thank you so much for supporting my art and me. You are all angels. I hope you like it.


Pictures by Ale Loks.






















































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  • Falana Henson

    I love it!!! So beautiful! Thank you for taking so many flicks of the process 💜💜💜

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