About TIMOI the brand

TIMOI, an acronym for Trapped In My Own Imagination is a lifestyle pop artist brand based in the city of arts and innovation, that is, the city of Riverside CA. The acronym TIMOI was born in Los Angeles to artist Susana De Leon in 1999. In 2003, the Killer Calo Series was born, which is a big part of the TIMOI brand. The Killer Calo Series is a story of an eight-year-old character by the name of Calo. Calo comes from a universe in another dimension. The name of their galaxy is Zovereignty Galaxy The Great. All creative and innovative beings come from there.

Susana believes the story is inspired by the divine. She grew up in Los Angeles and became well known as TIMOI and as the artist who painted characters with big eyes and big eyelashes, she is best known for her motley and unforgettable characters. Many have attempted to emulate the style of her work; yet her characters, in the dreamt Killer Calo Series, recognize the artist’s underlying themes. The artist’s work enlightens & entertains. Furthermore, it explores the spiritual aspects of finding out who the Greats are and where they come from. Susana’s storytelling mediums ignite the minds of viewers, from all walks of life, to see something beyond themselves. She created a cult like underground following and has influenced people in the fashion and entertainment industries. TIMOI is more than just a brand. It is a conceptual art experience that people can be a part of and have fun doing it. TIMOI is a place within, a state of mind, a home for those who relate.

TIMOI the brand is owned by Susana and her sister Maritza Valdez.



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