About Timoi The Artist

Susana De Leon is a Conceptual Pop Art Artist, women rights, LGBTQIANB and mental health advocate born in Guatemala in 1980 and raised in Los Angeles since 1990. Her journey into the art world began at the early age of six. Her fascination with graffiti art began in 1995.

The diversity of Los Angeles allowed Susana to explore many cultures and to meet other likeminded artists. The name Timoi was born in 1999 out of the acronym Trapped In My Own Imagination. Susana was a graffiti artist and wanted something unique to write and be known by. One night, she made a drawing and on the bottom of it she wrote Trapped In My Own Imagination; right away she fell in love with the saying and collected each initial letter to each word. It spelled out TIMOI. Ever since that day, Susana has used the name TIMOI by writing graffiti and signing all her artwork with it. In 2003, Susana had a dream with an eight-year-old character and began drawing it. A story developed and since, she has created several characters that are part of what she called The Killer Calo Series. Calo is the name of the eight-year-old character who is the main star of the story. Killer Calo is symbolic but also literal in a non-tangible way. Susana became well known for her characters with big eyes and big eyelashes in the city of Los Angeles. Many people relate to the story and love interacting with it. After years of painting the streets and also making a presence on the internet, Susana has been able to influence many in the fashion and entertainment industries. The way Susana moves through the internet is like no other, if you know, you know.