Calo & Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great™

Calo & Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great

The story is about an eight-year-old with the spirit of an ancient entity that comes from Zovereignty, Galaxy the Great. Calo is their name and they are from planet Ethenz, a writer and a visual artist who goes by the pronoun They. 

The galaxy is light years away and composed of three planets, a sun and a moon. Planet Ethenz is the planet of Intersex/Non Binary/Gender Fluid beings, Euphoniouz is the planet of cis men and Oaziz is the planet of cis women. These beings are made of light, are known as huemans and have special powers and abilities; they are loving, passionate and fierce and coexist harmoniously with each other. The series depicts the life of these creative beings which include visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, architects and all amazing creative beings with super talents.

Zovereignty is the galaxy of all creators and innovators. Some come to earth in human form for many reasons and one is simply to share their talents with us. Every chosen Human goes through a rebirth over and over again, experiencing an infinite process of evolution. When their soul matures, all matter becomes pure light, at that moment, Humans become immortal Huemans. The galaxy is composed of a triangle with a sun and a moon and day and night are one. The greatest artists and beings come from this galaxy. They come to earth to share their talents with us because some of them were once like we, and we will one day be like them. An infinite process of past and future, where the past meets the future and time ceases at the full circle.


For Timoi, the personal and political facets drive her art and creative processes. Timoi enjoys the feminine spirit and tries to convey in this series the difference between femininity, masculinity and gender.


In this series, Timoi works exclusively with people, artists and brands she believes in. Some of the characters Timoi paints are real people and some are imaginary. Timoi is constantly scouting for extraordinary talent to collaborate with. It has been this mentality and vision that has led Timoi to create a conceptual art experience and to meet amazing people from all walks of life.

The series was created for simplicity and to relay a message that could be understood through the eyes of a child and appreciated by the wise. Full of Creativity, Symbolism, Metaphors, Metamorphosis, Analogies, the Personal and the Political; and a lot of Fearless Love, Compassion and Courage.