Kiki Large Scale Spray Paint Painting

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This painting was painted live during a show. It is a freestyle painting where the character just came to me. Each character I paint is unique. There are times I create derivatives of some of my characters, however, I use any opportunity to create a new character. That is why I am known for my motley characters with big eyes and big lashes. As the years grew I developed my own splatter technique.

Now days you might see more artists that use spray paint adopt this technique but it was me who first started painting with this technique. It was my goal to develop a new technique modeling Duchamp but with spray paint. My paintings are created with many layers of different color splatters. I can paint very smoothly but I find it more fun, satisfying and truly more artistic to paint with splatters. When you look at the details of my art you can be mesmerized by it as it really looks like a universe inside my paintings.

I use only the best spray paint on the market.

Spray Paint on Canvas

Size 2" x 44" x 44"


White sides

Ready to hang