Mystery Kandi Bracelet set of 3

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  • $12.00
  • 定價 $16.00


Get three mystery bracelets. We choose what you get. Its fun and always a surprise. We know you love the kandi bracelets but we understand choosing one out of 100 can be hard because you might love all of them. Let us do the thinking for you and let us choose what you get. They come in five different sizes, from children to adult sizes. a 5.5" size bracelet can be for a newborn to a 2 year old. Size 7" can be for ages 3 to 10 years old. Size 7.5" can be for 11 years old to late teens. Sizes 8" and 8.5" can be for adults. However, for best results please measure your wrists so you get the size closest to your wrist size. These bracelets are assembled with elastic fish wire and a variety of kandi beads. They do stretch so they are easy to put on.


If you need a special size you can contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Individual bracelets are $8 but you get a set of three mystery ones for only $16, so you get one free.

 The three bracelets have to all be the same size for this offer.

Sizes 5.5", 7", 7.5", 8", 8.5"


Please allow 7-14 days delivery.