Meet Leo our Model for our Carolina Crop Top!

We are excited to introduce to you Leo, our model for our Carolina crop top. Leo is amazing. Let us tell you a little bit about him. Here at TIMOI we create colorful fashion especially for those who love colorful fashion.

Leo is an LGBTQ+ artist from Germany, who at the very early age of 13 fell in love with colorful fashion and alternative fashion in general. Since 2016, Leo has been expressing his creativity through fashion. "I don't see myself stopping anytime soon", says Leo. Colorful fashion has become Leo's passion and he hopes to create jewelry, customize clothes and put outfits together all day in the near future. He already does that, however, Leo wants to do that for a living and we wish him the best. We know he can totally do whatever he sets his mind to and we look forward to see his growth. Leo is only 18 years old and has a whole future ahead of him.

Leo's goal is to inspire and encourage people to be their most authentic selves no matter what society says. "I've always been ridiculed for the way I dress, mainly for presenting "feminine" as a guy", says Leo. Thankfully that no longer affects him as he now realizes that as long as you're happy with yourself and not hurting anyone, no one opinions matter but your own. "It's your life after all. You deserve to be happy and if that means dressing a little weird, then by all means go for it, you'll look fire!!!" Says Leo and we totally agree one hundred percent!

Keep up with Leo and his amazing sense of fashion on INSTAGRAM!