We got featured on YAHOO NEWS!!!


It is so exciting for us to be recognized. Read our press release for our new upcoming collection on YAHOO NEWS.


Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - June 15, 2022) - California-based iconic kawaii and infamous brand TIMOI is delighted to announce the release of their special collection of paintings and products which come with the innovative and unique combination of kawaii and the retro 80s. This latest collection is promised to hit the markets as soon as the end of this June.

Kawaii, the Japanese term for cute, signifies innocence, enthusiasm, prettiness, friendliness, and naturalness; just like babies and little fluffy creatures. One of the pioneers of this Japanese cute cartoon character culture in the US, artist Susana De Leon (Timoi), the founder of the brand TIMOI, was the first to come up with the unique human like big bright-eyed cartoon characters that are so often emulated by other artists and by the American media today.