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Get your tailored character by Timoi! You will not only be immortalized in her Calo and Zovereignty Galaxy The Great Series but you will also be a part of history.

Only Digital available for now.

Your portrait comes with a fine art giclee print. Size will be determined after the creation of the portrait. 

After you make your purchase and provide your contact info, Timoi will personally reach out to you to get all the photographs necessary to tailor your character. Please provide any other photos at this point for references. You can choose your background or environment you want your character to be in. 

After receiving all the photographs and images and any details  and requests, Timoi will draft a drawing. At this point, you can request any changes if any. You get two revisions. So please make sure you let Timoi know if something is not quite the way you envision it. After any changes requests, Timoi will digitize the drawing and no changes can be made after that point. If you have any special requests for colors, please let Timoi know before the digitizing process, otherwise Timoi will choose the color schemes depending on how she feels best represents your soul.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email timoi at


Thank you for your trust.

*Requests can include your pets or perhaps your children. The offer is only for one character. If you want any other character added to the painting, it will be an extra $200.


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  • Custom Painting on Canvas 8" x 10"
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